18 January 2015

Baking and Beanies!

The Marshfield Country Market opens again on Friday 23rd January. I will be there with a selection of loaves for sale as well as bread orders for collection.

Over the Christmas break I have been busy perfecting a loaf of bread for a friend with cancer. He was having difficulty digesting supermarket bread so I devised a loaf for him that was based on a wholemeal sourdough using wholemeal and spelt flours. The addition of masses of nutritious seeds, goji berries and spices has resulted in a delicious loaf with a soft crumb. The wholemeal flours means that this loaf will never be as light as a white loaf but by using a little fresh yeast as well as the sourdough has resulted in a loaf that is substantial but not as dense as some straight wholemeal loaves can be. The loaf also has whole caraway and fennel seeds together with ground fenugreek. Altogether a very delicious, nutritious and easy to digest loaf of bread.

Another group of friends have also been busy crocheting beanies, hats and scarves to raise money for the Chemo Ward at Southampton General Hospital. Check out their new website by clicking on the logo:

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