Acorns were good until bread was found
Francis Bacon

Yeast Free Breads:

Breads made using no added yeast but with baking powder as the raising agent. These breads are made very quickly and are often more cake-like in texture.
Irish Wheaten Loaf
A soft and crumbly textured wholemeal loaf with a slightly sweet flavour.
Banana Bread
Banana and Walnut loaf:
A delicious moist loaf with a cakey texture, excellent as a breakfast bread or even served warm with cream or custard as a dessert.
Roman Barley Bannocks
Barley meal was historically the flour used to make dense and long lasting breads. Wheat flour was only for the very wealthy. Few could afford ovens either and the bannock, cooked on the griddle, is a delicious cross between an oatcake and a muffin. The bannock was portable, long lasting and highly nutritious - the food that kept the Romans marching! Nowadays it is very good, split, toasted and eaten with butter and cheese or jam.