Good bread is the most fundamentally satisfying of all foods; and good bread with fresh butter, the greatest of feasts
James Beard

Yeasted bread

Bread and rolls made with fresh yeast. All are slowly proved overnight to improve flavour and, some say, digestibility.
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Half and Half Rolls

These roles are made with half wholemeal and half white flour to give a soft but satisfying roll bursting with flavour.
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White Bloomer

Proved overnight with a cool fermentation resulting in a great taste.
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The Eco Loaf (because it's green!)

This seasonal soft and moist loaf has the addition of young stinging nettles and wild garlic mixed in with the flour. This gives a pale green loaf with an interesting flavour - superb with cheese.
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Spelt Bread

100% Stoneground Spelt flour and the inclusion of whole rolled spelt grains gives this firm textured loaf a wonderfully nutty flavour.
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Poppy Seed twists

A chunky roll made from white flour, proved overnight for added flavour and topped with poppy seeds.
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Poppy Seed Stars

A different shape rings the changes for our standard white overnight dough.
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Beetroot Bread

This colourful loaf has pureed beetroot added to the mix. The bright pink crumb is moist and flavoursome with just a hint of the beetroot's earthy flavour. Try it with some smoked fish for a colourful treat.
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Sicilian Semolina Bread

A moist round of bread with an interesting close textured slightly yellow crumb studded with sesame seeds. The mixture of semolina and flour gives a long lasting loaf with a great flavour.
White Seed and Grain

Using Allinson's seed and grain flour this yeasted white loaf is full of texture and flavour. The addition of wheat, barley and rye grains together with sunflower, millet and linseeds makes a very nutritious and tasty loaf.
Malthouse Loaf

The Organic Malthouse flour from Doves farm gives a soft loaf, full of flavour.
Walnut and Raisin Bread

This delicious loaf made with half wholemeal and half white flours is bursting with walnuts and raisin. Fantastic with blue cheese, delicious on it's own!
Rye and raisin bread with caraway.

Rye flour has very little gluten and doesn't rise in the same way as a wheat loaf does. The addition of some white flour to the rye flour here gives a lighter loaf than many rye loaves and the tasty addition of a little caraway and a lot of raisins creates a moist sweet loaf that it wonderful fresh or toasted,